portgoNow you can make you c heap and clear SuperJUMBLO  calls from PortGo softphone. Simply download and install the PortGo in windows PC and laptops. PortGo download option now available in our download page.  We are already  offering  different types of dialer programs  for Windows and other operating systems. VoipConnect, VoipsoftClient, SipGo are the most using softwares. You can use SuperJUMBLO in Nimbuzz dialer. but still some users not feel comfort with these programs. PortGo is the best option of them , this softphone included lot of options. But we cannot offer this all options this time which you see in this program.

After successful install you need fill following  details at the start of the program.
Username    :      Your rSuperJUMBLO username
Password       :     Your SuperJUMBLO password.
Server             :       sip.superjumblo.com
Port                  :         5060

PortGo also available for Android and iphone platforms.
Download PortGo softphone for Windows by click here


Make cheap calls with SuperJUMBLO is very easy.
Visit www.superjumblo.com and register a new account.
Buy credit with Onecard  or any other method. Download software and login with username and password. enjoy the cheap calls.